Jinty McGinty’s

23 Ashton Lane, Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland

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Jinty McGinty’s Session

Jinty’s are trying to establish a tuesday night session. It is expected to run from 9-11pm. It is not known what the balance will be between tunes and songs - it depends who turns up!!


Great news, Alistair. I love this pub, and it’s an ideal venue for a lively session. Catch you there next time I’m in Glasgow. I know Seán from the Ben Nevis - great guy.

For those who haven’t been, Jinty’s is a young, lively Irish pub in Glasgow’s West End. They have a conservatory type area out back as well as the main bar. In Summer, the garden is a great place to chill out with a pint - you can use one of the many beer barrels as tables. Even when there’s no music, I would recommend a visit to Jinty’s.


The conservatory is in Brel - all part of the greatness of Ashton Lane, but yes Jintys should be a nice place for a session. It also has live music on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays and has a great atmosphere regardless of when you visit. Everyone please come down.

New session - Glasgow tonight

Just a quick post to say there is a new session starting in Jinty McGinty’s, Ashton Lane, Glasgow tonight. Further details can be found in the ‘Sessions’ section of this site. Hope to see you all down there so that this can be made a permenant fixture.


Re: New session - Glasgow tonight

Oh, goody. Can i bring my bongos, Alistair?

Re: New session - Glasgow tonight

I am just turning up like anyone else - I am not hosting it. I am sure everyone is welcome - although people bringing spoons might be directed to the restaurant upstairs 🙂

Re: New session - Glasgow tonight

Alistair - it says Tuesdays. Very trendy part of town is Ashton Lane (too trendy for the likes of me, that is.) Good luck with it anyway.

Re: New session - Glasgow tonight

What a surprise! Last time I was there it was all jukebox, Bacardi Breezers & ringtones. Hope it goes well!

Wonder if the McCue family (father & son - fiddles) or Chris Miller will be there?


Re: New session - Glasgow tonight

Yes, well done. Clearly I messed up the days. The session is in fact tomorrow - tuesday - night as originally posted and I am a numpty. There is however a really good open mic night on a monday in Nice‘n’Sleazy’s on Sauchiehall St from about 8pm - the more the merrier!!

Sorry guys - the session died before it got going really. Not enough interest. The pub will be going back to live bands shortly.

I heard that Jinty’s is restarting sessions on a Sunday night.

Anyone know any if there is any truth to this??

Jinty McGuintys Acoustic Session

This session is now back and has been up and running for the last few months. Its once a fortnight on a sunday afternoon. Next one is the 12th of April 09 see jintys time o the month on Myspace or contact Alexander Murray (Organiser) at alexandermurry@btinternet.com for details or see Pats west end diary.


I love how it is described as back up and running - from memory we only ever had 2 or 3 the last time.

I have not been to Jinty’s in yonks. If I am in Glasgow on a Sunday I will try to pop down.


When I say its back up and running I mean we have started a new Session and please note its once per fornight so the next one will be the 12th of April start time 3 till 6 refeshments and nibbles provided!
Anyone wishing to paticipate should contact Alexandermurry@btinternet.com



Oh and just for Jim (see above comment) Jintys has never had nor will have a juke box or Bacardi breezers…Must have had a tad too much to drink the night you were there lad!!

Is this still on or defunct??

Re: Jinty McGinty’s

Just checking….. Is this session still alive, and still on Sundays? What about this coming Sunday 27th March?

Re: Jinty McGinty’s

I’m in town too, staying with friends 100m away. I will drop by and enquire tonight.

Re: Jinty McGinty’s

To the best of my knowledge there is no session in Jinty’s these days.

Re: Jinty McGinty’s

I went in and asked just now. Staff told me there is one from half 9 on Sunday. And music every night, actually.

Re: Jinty McGinty’s

Session 3-5pm on Sundays, according to the pub’s website.

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Re: Jinty McGinty’s

The Jinty Sunday session is back on after Covid. Sundays 3 to 5ish. Friendly Irish tunes session very much in the tradition, with flutes, fiddles, whistle, bodhran; competent level of playing; good spread of well known Irish session tunes and traditional Irish tune players made very welcome! A wee tip - arrive early to get a seat and let us know your in!