Tara Inn

1 Rue Blaveau, Brest, Bretagne, France

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every tuesday at about 10 pm
very good atmosphere

Il y a encore des sessions là?

Tara inn Brest

This session is now on Thursdays and sundays.
Fast and furious and great fun

worst session ever

I was there on thursday night, that was absolutely ridiculous. The musicians play waaaaay too fast and they just play reels. They also stop in the middle of the tunes to chat with their brand new I-phones. There was an accordion player who kept messing around with wrong chords and try to play super fast missing half of the notes and destroying every tune to the core. I didn’t know if I either wanted to laugh or to cry… Add a good bit of sexist behaviour (200% of testosterone in the air) and you’ll understand why nobody goes there anymore…

No more on Thursdays, apparently

I was here on a Sunday in May 2016. There was a slow session from 21.00 and the bartender told me that there is a regular session on Fridays from 22.00-ish - that is, “if the musicians show up.”

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From the bar’s website.

‘Certains mardis soirs, et particulièrement lors de nos fest deiz, les premiers dimanches de chaque mois, la musique irlandaise et traditionnelle anime la danse…’

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The pub’s website is not up to date. As far as I know the irish music sessions are held the first Friday of the month from 22:00 to 01:00, with some extra sessions the others Friday if some musicians show up, or for special events (St Patrick, Pub anniversary, etc.). You should check their FB page : https://www.facebook.com/thetarainnirishpubandrestaurant/
@inzewoods, no problem with the speed anymore, I stettle in the area quite recently but I heard that some super fast players have been “blacklisted” from the Brest sessions…

For breton music, there is a “fest-noz” every monday from 21:30 to 00:30, with often a time slot in the schedule open to every musicians for a breton jam (“boeuf”). Here the FB page with the infos : https://fr-fr.facebook.com/LundiTara/
Great atmosphere, fine dancers, it’s a must see if you come in Brest!
There is also a “fest-deiz” the first sunday of the month starting around 15:30 to 19:30

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New nice and friendly session on Wednesday nights (21h00-midnight) !

Friday sessions should resume in October