McGonigel’s Mucky Duck Pub

2425 Norfolk, Houston, Texas, USA

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McGonigel’s Mucky Duck Session

The session happens most Wednesdays, starting around 8-8:30 PM and runs until 11:30 to 12:30. On some Wednesdays, however, Rusty will have to schedule a touring band into the Pub and cancel the session. So check the website for the schedule for the week you will be in town.

Mucky Duck

Sigh - - I went there expecting to play whistle (not my natural instrument) on the outskirts of a large session (this is, after all, the only session listed in a city of 4+ million people) and it was not a session but an open mike populated by a singer and members of her bands. She was good, but what a disappointment for me. There was no way I was going to do that and no room on the stage, anyway. I did have a Guiness, however.

MIke Keyes

Session night

Many times the owners will have a happy hour performance, up to the session time. And… sometimes there are bands scheduled on session nights. As mallette stated, check the mucky duck website for who is playing on that night. There is also a session at the Coffee Oasis in Clear Lake City (it’s listed on this site also)… Thursdays.

Alternate site for first Wednesday session.

On the first Wednesday of each month, a group of players are meeting at The Harp, on Richmond Avenue some 7 blocks (about a mile) east of where the Mucky Duck is located. This is a very nice venue located in an older house, reconfigured as a pub, and conducive to a good traditional session (not an onstage, in-the-lights, pseudo-performance like the Duck tends to be).

At one time there was a regular Sunday session at The Harp, but we were dis-invited several years ago in order not to interfere with Sunday football - watching by their regulars.

About 4 months ago, one of the players asked the Harp’s owner if we could come play on a (first) Wednesday when the Mucky Duck had scheduled a traveling group and cancelled the session. That Harp session was so much of a success that a subset of musicians have continued the first Monday session at the Harp.

The Harp session tends to start around 7-7:30, rather than 9 9:15 at the Duck.

Why this late at the Duck? The singer-songwriter who does happy hour at the Duck is supposed to have the stage cleared for the session to start at 8 PM, but usually continues singing until at least 8:30, with it taking another 30 minutes to clear all her gear. Good business for the Duck (her fans eat and drink a lot), but bad for a weeknight session when many players have early jobs to get to the next morning.

Welcome Committee!

Please feel free to message me if you’re in town and want some tunes!

Update on two items

1. Check the Duck’s Calendar ( to make your plans:

• Rarely, Wednesdays will be usurped for a ‘traveling band.’
- Sometimes Rusty can’t find any other time to book a really good group he wants to feature.

• Session start time may vary.
- When there is a happy hour singer, session will start 8:30 PM (most of the year).
- When no happy hour band, session will start at 7:30 PM (some summer months).

2. The early session on first Wednesdays at the nearby Harp Pub is no longer going (as of mid-2012).

In town for a few days

I’ll be visiting Houston for work in July 12th through 14th, back in San Diego the 15th. Is there anything going on on Sundays late night, Mondays or Tuesdays? Thanks!!