Fibber Magee’s

1989 W Elliot Rd, Chandler, Arizona, USA

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Session begins at 4 pm on Sundays and ends about 7 pm.

All players are welcome. About 30 musicians attend our Sunday sessions, with an average of 20-25 attending on any Sunday. We would for the most part be called a slow session. However, we do have a few fast players who attend.

We pride ourselves as being a friendly session, where we all take turns selecting the music and tempo.

Come and enjoy for a time well spent, and leave with a warm feeling and a smile.

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As of 2006 (or so) the start time is 3pm. Also, there is a tune learning session at 2pm.

Slow session

Actually, the “slow” or learning session begins at 1:00. Fast session starts at 3:00.

Time Change, Again

Slow Session is back to starting at 2PM. Regular session is at 4PM.

Fibber’s session no longer at Fibber’s as of 9/1/2013

Due the purchase of an NFL package, the Fibber’s session has been moved. It is now a roving session! For the time being, we’re meeting mostly at the Irish Cultural Center, located at 1106 North Central Avenue
Phoenix Arizona 85004. The start time is the same: 4pm Sundays. On days when the cultural center is unavailable, we’ll be meeting at members houses. If you are in town and wanting a tune, contact for the exact location.

We look forward to you joining us!

Re: Fibber Magee’s

The Fibber’s session is currently being held on Saturday at 4PM to avoid conflict with the Sunday football schedule. When football season is over, the session will likely shift back to Sunday.

Re: Fibber Magee’s

It’s about time for an update on the Fibber Magee’s session! It is going strong and is now the longest-running Irish session in the valley (by far)! Many thanks to Fibber Magee’s for patronizing us all these years!! It runs on Sunday at 4pm. During football season, we do switch to Saturdays at the same time, as Carl noted!

If you Facebook and are interested in weekly session updates, join the group AZ Irish Music. I post weekly updates about the Fibber’s session there. On the very very rare day when it’s cancelled, that’s the place you’ll see the update.

Oh, it makes me so nostalgic to read Gene’s original post on this thread from 13 years ago! Indeed, Fibber’s did start out as a beginner session all those years ago. Since we’ve all been at this over a decade it has morphed from being a “beginners” session to session. No qualifiers anymore 🙂 What hasn’t changed is the craic! Come visit if you’re in town. We’d love to have you!

Re: Fibber Magee’s

Starting Saturday, Sept 8 2018, the Fibber’s session is switching from Sundays at 4pm to Saturdays at noon! As for now, this change is only for the football season. We are planning to revert back to Sundays after the season is over. As I noted in my previous post, the best place to get the latest and greatest on the Fibber Magee’s sesh is the AZ Irish Music page on Facebook. Thanks and hope to see a few of you for the tunes!

Fibber Magee’s - Back to Sundays starting Jan 20, 2019

Starting Sunday, Jan 20, 2019, the Fibber’s weekly session is switching from Saturday at 12:30pm to Sundays at 4pm. We do this switch at the end of every football season! So we’ll be having the tunes on Sundays until next September, when football starts again. Come join us for the longest running session in the valley! As always, the best place to get the latest and greatest on the Fibber’s session is on the AZ Irish Music page on Facebook.

Re: Fibber Magee’s

Hello folks! The longest running session in the valley has switched days! It now runs from 2pm to 4pm(ish) every Saturday! This way, we won’t have to change the session day when football season starts! Also, per my post above, I do publish weekly session reminders on Facebook in the AZ Irish Music group. So any time changes (rare) or cancellations (rarer still) will be posted there.

Re: Fibber Magee’s

Well, I was going to announce that the Fibber’s session is resuming at it’s usual time on Saturday’s from 2pm to 4pm, after having been suspended due to COVID-19. But I see I forgot to announce here that it had stopped! So, never mind! The longest-running session in the Phoenix area is back up and running on Saturday’s from 2pm to 4pm. See you there. And yes, I will still be publishing weekly reminders on the Facebook group AZ Irish Music. Though the session is pretty resilient: It ran for over 16 years before a global pandemic took it down. But even COVID-19 didn’t kill it because it’s back!!