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Shore Bar Session

Sessions have been here for nearly 20 years, but are not generally well known to those outside Scotland as the venue is out of the centre of Edinburgh. The session is not generally for the faint hearted as the standard is high, and it is often favoured by professional musicians because it is a little bit out of the way

Closed session?

I’d be careful here. The shore is a very very small bar and the table that is played around can hold no more than 4 or 5, (inc one at the piano). But what’s the definition of a closed session? It’s just like any old session except you have to have an invitation. Nothing wrong with that, if nothing else, it keeps the standard up.

I think it’s a mistake to have it posted here. You know what musicians are like. If you turn up wanting a tune and no one knows you from Adam, or worse, you are known but not respected, you will end up being on the receiving end of what you would percieve as rudeness. But don’t get on your high horse about it, it’ll be your own fault.

I know Jeremy doesn’t like deleting sessions, but I think he should delete this one.e

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You’re right, Michael. I know most of the musicians who play there but while I get along fine with them I wouldn’t try to take part in this particular session. It’s really just common sense when you see the set up. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t feel comfortable or be welcomed by these musicians at another session or different situation. It all depends on the circumstances.

Open / Closed?

I initially went along warily, unknown and without an instrument having read the above. I was invited back and have now played a couple of times. I am delighted with the demanding standard of music and have thoroughly enjoyed myself. I came away each time with lots to think about - and this is doing me good.

Re: Shore Bar

The session at the Shore ended about 3 years ago.