224 Ave B, East Village, Manhattan, New York, USA

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Late session

This is a great session, as much for listening as for playing. The regulars include Patrick Ourceau, Eamon O’Leary, Dana Lyn and Brian Holleran.
They’ve even made a CD of the music:

I was fortunate to sit in for some tunes in Nov 2004 during a flying visit to New York. The music is wonderful, however I would suggest that this is a session for pretty experienced musicians who know when to sit one out if they’re not familiar with the tunes! I certainly don’t presume to speak for the lads but I think the presence of a bodhrán would detract from the music a lot.

These guys play all night….and they drink. It’s a fun session and I am usually *hurting* the next morning when I’m at work.

Yeah, I think it was about 4am when we decided to call it a night. Wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Checked this session out a few weeks ago, post-Catskills, and it was a good time, albeit a bit crowded (unusually so I presume) with a bunch of musicians just coming from the Catskills.

Just a little warning for anybody trying to find the place. Unless I missed something, there is really no sign outside to indicate that the place is Mona’s. As somebody told me before going, you can be standing outside the place and not know it. Just trust the taxi driver or the address listed with this posting.

If anybody still checks this

What’s the policy on minors coming in to listen? (Accompanied by parents?) I’ve heard great things about the Mona’s session and my parents have agreed to let me go if allowed…is there a number I could call, perhaps?


Their number is +1 212 353 3780. The door has Mona’s written above it and the number is clear enough so I wouldn’t say it’s too hard to find

I don’t reckon they’d let underagers in but what do I know?

As far as I can remember from last night it was a lively wee bar with friendly folk, musicians don’t start until 10-30/11pm-ish and were still going strong when we left about 1.30am

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Sessions in Manhattan


I am visiting New York in June (7th-12th). I have never been there before. I will be staying in Manhattan in "the Village". I have looked on this sight for sessions locations and found some that are close by.

Does anyone know of any that are a "you can’t miss this one" in that area?

Thanks for the help!

Re: Sessions in Manhattan

If I’m not mistaken, the Mona’s session has actually ended. I believe I recall a few months ago that a few of my session compadres had just come from the last session up there. I will check to verify this unless someone else can in the meanwhile.

Re: Sessions in Manhattan

Bernadette Fee leads a great session. I believe its held in a pub called St. Andrews, but I’m not sure.

Re: Sessions in Manhattan

Mona’s was going last October

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Re: Sessions in Manhattan

I heard (in February, I think) from someone very close to Dana Lyn, who had been running the Mona’s session, that it was about to end (within a week or two). Something about new ownership of the bar, if I recall correctly.

Re: Sessions in Manhattan

Is the ‘Landmark Tavern’ in Brooklyn or Manhattan? I just heard this past weekend that there’s a great seisun there not to be missed if you’re in the area, from someone living in Staten Island.

Re: Sessions in Manhattan

The Mona’s session definitely ended in February (Dana Lyn is my fiddle teacher - I had a lesson with her a day or two after the last session).

Re: Sessions in Manhattan

The Landmark Tavern is in Manhattan - in the west 50’s (on either 10th or 11th Avenue)

Yeah, I just talked to the person who originally told me it was ending and she verified that it ended, but apparently a few musicians will still go there for tunes on Monday nights regardless. There’s nobody running it though, so I guess unless you know one of the musicians who plans on going in for tunes, you’re not necessarily going to find tunes if you just randomly drop in.

Landmark’s in "Hells Kitchen" now known as "Clinton", on 11th Ave
It’s more of a restaurant than pub but seems OK

Mona’s is a bar I’d go to even if there was no session - nice people and good pub.

However, even when I was there in October, some patrons were saying "I hate this band that plays on Monday night" so I guess they weren’t really "into it"

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if you feel like heading over one stop on the L train into brooklyn, spike hill can be a good session, depending on who’s playing…more hit than miss, these days. the bar is supportive of the music, and the crowd, for the most part, likes it. we used to play at spike hill, and then head over to mona’s afterward for more late night tunes.

what jason g said is true - no official session, but there may still be tunes at mona’s, depending on who’s in town, etc.

Re: Mona’s

Looks like Monday night is bluegrass night now.

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