Fandango Pizza

3163 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, California, USA

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New slow session in Palo Alto, CA

This is a brand-new slow session, intended for beginning
and intermediate players. Anyone interested in playing
Irish session tunes at a modest pace is welcome!
We’re meeting every Tuesday from 7 to 9:45pm. Details
and updates at


So we can bring our pipes?? and practice what peter gave us


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From the link:

"All traditional instruments are welcome!"

Friendly welcom

I’d just like to say how friendly this session is. I arrived from London for a trip to Palo Alto on Tuesday afternoon, and went round. I met a bunch of great people who played great tunes. Its a relaxed atmosphere, and the tunes are at a nice speed - because they play at the speed that the the group can handle that tune.

Highly recommended


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Varying Times

Fandango has been closing a bit earlier lately, so the session
usually ends around 9:30 now. More importantly, we’ve
become less consistent on the starting time. Some of the
regular attendees work late and rarely show up before 8pm.
Some others need to leave early and like to start right at
7pm. Depending on who’s planning to come, we start
sometime between 7 and 8. Sorry for the unpredictability!

Moving to Mountain View

Fandango has been a great host but they’re closing even earlier now and leaving little time for the session. We’ve decided to move to Stephen’s Green Irish Pub in Mountain View.