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Begins March 30th 2005

Beginning March 30th we will play from 8:30 to 11:30.
To start, we will keep it on the smaller side- yet turn no one away. No the best for beginners. Some songs will be sung too.
Contact me for more details

Well we got our legs. Could use more players, come on down.
Not sure about the summer, please check with me in case the schedule changes.


Enjoyable/friendly session, nice flow to the music. Love for trad. music is evident here. Keep it going Terry & Jim!!!!

Still going

We just had our 1 year anniversary and going strong. Stop by and join us.



Harringtons Wakefield, Ma. session closed

This session is closed


Limited to 8 seats so email first if possible.

Open Seats, come play

Lightly attended lately, need some new blood.
Anyone who needs a good intermediate session north of Boston come visit us on Wednesday nights. 6 years and still going.

Still going after 7 years

We’re still at it. Good solid intermediate session. Come join us.

my go-to session these days. it’s close to home and doesn’t start too late, which are fine middle aged reasons to choose a session, but it’s a great bunch of people and somehow always reaches the critical mass without ever being too big. great people, great music, what more can you ask for?

Re: Harrington’s Pub

The session time start is moving to 8:00 pm.

Re: Harrington’s Pub

The session time start is moving to 7:00 pm.

Re: Harrington’s Pub

7:30 Start now. Seem to have settled into that.

Re: Harrington’s Pub

As of May 22, 2019 The session is cancelled. Good run for 14 years.