Pizza Italia

3023 Thousand Oaks, San Antonio, Texas, USA

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Meets up around 7 PM on Thursdays

I was in San Antonio two weeks ago and visited this session. Very nice folks there who were welcoming and friendly. I enjoyed myself. Did not try the pizza, but the beer is fine. A mix of tunes and some songs. It takes a bit of effort to get there as it is in the far north of town. No showboating, just a bunch of folks who enjoy the music and are having a good time.

Pizza Italia closed due to fire

Unfortunately Pizza Italia had a fire, and it’s closed. I don’t know where the session moved to. Does anyone know?

Pizza Italia Due to Open---Yaaaay!

Just talked to the Owner: Plan to re-open 9 or 10 Sept. No word from the Session folks. Will update when I get news.

If you know something, email me at


John Davis

Pizza Italia Session resumes Sept, 17, 2009

Finally, Pizza Italia is open and back in business.

We are returning to the Pizza Italia this Thursday, (Sept. 17, 2009) night for our first session in the new facility. Here is their new website with the address, map, etc.

Pizza Italia
3023 Thousand Oaks Suite 101
San Antonio, Tx 78247
Next to Taco Cabana

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Had a blast

I was visiting from Japan and dropped in for some tunes! You all were terrific!! Malcom, if you read this, it was a pleasure to meet you and play with you! Good craic!!

-the fluter from Japan 🙂

Had a fine time listening to the players at this at this session this Thursday. If I can move my band’s practice to another night I would make a habit of it.

Pizza Italia

Thursday nights at 7pm ; Sundays at 2pm

Traditional Irish Music Sessions by the San Antonio Comhaltas Session Players led by Jim Fox

Visiting musicians welcome

San Antonio Session

Large group of Session Players

San Antonio Comhaltas Session Players Update

The San Antonio Comhaltas Session Players are alive and well in San Antonio at Pizza Italia. Last year (2014) they recorded a CD, in 2013 they visited Ireland and they have plans to do so again in 2015. Two Concerts are scheduled for next month sponsored by the “El Paseo Arts Foundation” on South Padre Island and they play at the Irish Trad Fest on the same weekend, February 20 & 21. Work is in progress to expand Pizza Italia where the owners proudly display an enlarged poster of the group. The Music? Better than ever or as Fergus O’Flaherty, Dingle, described it - “this is how sessions used to be played in Ireland”. Visitors are welcome - Thursday at 7pm, Irish time. Come join in the Session.

Just a note to avoid possible confusion; ‘The San Antonio Comhaltas Session Players’ are a Ceilidh band under the leadership of Jim Fox. Sunday is their rehearsal day. No doubt visitors will be made to feel welcome, but don’t expect it to be anything resembling a ‘session’. The actual session is the Thursday night listing. Players and repertoire (the band leans heavily on Foinn Seisiun book 1) naturally overlap quite a bit. A very friendly and welcoming group. If they can tolerate me they’ll love you, I’m sure. 😉

Re: Pizza Italia

Came for the Sunday session but no one showed up. Chairs in a circle waiting for musicians. A regular couple brought maple Guinness cupcakes with green sparkles. They were delicious! I played some solo jigs and reels and encouraged to keep on by the kitchen staff. Very nice. Sorry to have missed the others. Leave a note out call the pub if you’re not coming… Some of us depend on this site

Re: Pizza Italia

Sorry to hear that banjobabe. From what I understand the Sunday gathering is still on, though Jim Fox is no longer involved and the format is in flux until the participants figure out what they want to do.

Re: Pizza Italia

Oh, and Thursdays are still in full effect!

Re: Pizza Italia

Apologies banjobabe! We do tell the PI when we’re not coming but sometimes they don’t get the word to the guy who sets up. Thank you for entertaining in our absence! It sounds like that was around St. Patrick’s Day and we were probably at a festival.

As Cheeky Elf mentioned, Sundays have changed. We are a much smaller group and the absence of even 2 people makes a big difference. We are struggling with how to get word out when we cancel on the random Sunday we just don’t have enough. I can try to post here.

We are still a “learning/slow” session. Right now we work on new tunes very slow for about the first hour. Then we have a regular session but only play normal speed if everyone agrees. It’s a good opportunity for experienced players to slow down and fine tune their repertoire.

Re: Pizza Italia

There will be no Sunday session 6/12 or 6/19. We discussed how to alert everyone and for now the best bet is call the Pizza Italia. We plan to let them know by Thursday evening any week we are going to cancel the Sunday session.

FACEBOOK PAGE, Sundays canceled

Sunday sessions have been canceled but Thursdays are still weekly barring major holidays.

Our Facebook page is closed to ward off spammers but you may request to join if you are interested in attending.

Re: Pizza Italia

This session may survive the virus. According to a facebook post, a session was had during St. Patrick’s Day.

Re: Pizza Italia

Hi Bill. I’ve seen this session go from being a few people at a private residence to moving through multiple venues. It’s definitely a survivor.

Re: Pizza Italia

Hi! New to these sessions. Is this one in particular still going on? If so, is it held every week?

Re: Pizza Italia

Hi Ray. I don’t log on here much and just saw this. Thursday sessions are still meeting every week! Start gathering around 7. Our Facebook page is a better place to keep up.

Re: Pizza Italia

Went to this session 7th April 22 very enjoyable.

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Re: Pizza Italia

I had the pleasure of popping into this session on April 28, 2022 while attending a conference in San Antonio. Very friendly session. I really enjoyed it. They have a Facebook group with an admin who got back to me to say it was on that week.

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