The Plough Inn

East End, Star, Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland

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Twice a month in the middle of nowhere!

Twice a month. Last session was on 18th of March so just count from that. If you’re travelling far it might be worth a phone call just to make sure it’s on. It has happened (only once or twice though) that someone booked the pub for something else.

This is a very friendly session in the middle of nowhere with tunes, songs and a lot of laughs!

Everyone is very welcome!

Next date 25th of November -05

Just to make the counting easier…


No session 23/12/05

Unfortunately there won’t be a Star-session on the 23rd.


rumours say that the pub is closed at the moment and therefore the sessions are cancelled.

Will get back with more info as soon as I hear anything.


Better to check in advance

I’m not sure how often the session is on nowadays at The Plough. It’s been intermittent over the years so I’d suggest finding out in advance if anyone is thinking of going along.