The Waverley Bar

3 St. Mary’s Street, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

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Folk’n’Friends Singing Session

Every Tuesday evening upstairs at The Waverley, roughly 8.30 to 11.30. An open session with all sorts of songs - folk, country - ancient, modern. All singers (and non-singing visitors) welcome. There’s always one or two regulars willing to make sure that everybody who wants to sing gets a turn.

I’m not sure if this sort of session will appeal to evereyone here but I’m sure it’s enjoyable.
The Waverley was one of the original "folk pubs" in Edinburgh and goes back as far as Sandy Bell’s. However, it is sadly under utilized these days. I don’t think the owner wants to encourage the music (financially speaking) and the reason many people stopped playing there was because the wages were too low. Impromptu sessions etc would still be welcome, I’m sure.

Folk’n’Friends No More

This session is now dead and gone, to the sadness of many people. It became a bit sparse at times and just dwindled away over a summer.
A resurrection was attempted (on a monthly basis) but the bar’s management virtually wanted guarantees of numbers attending. Watch this space for any future developments.
Some of the previous regulars now go along to the session at The Bowler’s Rest (details also on this site).

Re: The Waverley Bar

There’s a session here now on Sundays from 3-6pm.

Re: The Waverley Bar

Led by George Duff, but a recent video from one of the sessions looked like a Scottish Hall of Fame of trad musicians, many of them professionals! The Bar was closed for a period after the death of the last owner, but re-opened during last year, and is back to being a good folk pub venue again, with other events and sessions too:

Re: The Waverley Bar

The Sunday afternoon session—led by George Duff—is great! A lovely mix of tunes and songs.