The Lorne Hotel

Stevenson Street, Oban, Argyll, Scotland

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The Lorne Session in Oban

It’s great to see a regular session return to Oban… and one with an enthusiastic landlord! Every Wednesday evening at 9pm(ish). Deuchars on tap and occasional guest beers.

Lorne session

Hi Stephen - good to hear there’s another possibility of a tune ann an Earra-Ghàidheal. I’ll look in if I’m up in Oban on a Wednesday night.


Lorne Session

Hi Ron
Haven’t made it myself for a few weeks, but I’m aiming for once a fortnight. It would be good to see you there.
Christophe mentioned the Comm on a Thursday night… I’ll try and get down sometime.
(I’ve changed my username by the way)

Comm Session

It’d be great to see you down here - the Comm session is not guaranteed to be on every Thursday as yet - I’ll post it on this site when it’s been going a bit longer - best to check 1st!

Lorne Seesion is no more

Went along last Wednesday and barmaid tells me that session is finished. Thats a shame but may save you a trip

Lorne Session is back!

Lorne session is alive and kicking again! 9pm (ish) start on Wednesday evenings during the summer atleast. To check if the regulars are attending go to but don’t be disheartened if we don’t make it as there are often others anyway. Hope to see you there.

Must be the winter then

Went along last Wednesday
Pub was busy until just after 9 No music No session Pub was just about empty by 9.30
When I asked about the session Barmaids seemed to have no idea what I was talking about.
Perhaps Ceolanaire could let us know if it starts again

Session is no more.

There’s now a quiz night on a Wednesday so no session any more.

The death of a sesh..

Ah well