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  • Re: Hearsall Inn Pub

    Hi Julie- there is on road parking but it can get very busy on a Tuesday night, so you may have to look on Duke st/Allesley old rd as well as Craven St as there are double yellows around too. Hope to welcome you one Tuesday night!

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  • Re: The Gatehouse

    Closed tonight 16 Jan due to illness. Please check it's running again before going along future Sundays.

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  • Re: The Ould Sod

    Omicron has put a bit of a crimp in our style, but we're still continuing to host the session in the back room. Hoping to be able to power through this surge and stay healthy. Players are encouraged to wear N95 style masks while moving through the smalle...

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  • Re: The Auld Dubliner

    Omicron has put a crimp in our session hosting.

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  • Re: L’Esperteyu Chigre Folk

    Not running at the moment due to COVID restrictions. Will be back as soon as it's allowed.

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