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  • Re: Couth Buzzard Books

    With no end in sight to our King County's current stay-at-home regime, the Couth Buzzard session has moved on-line, as have a number of other sessions around the country. We are currently using Zoom, on the same schedule as the normal sessions were, 1st a...

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  • Re: The Fernwood Inn

    Currently on hold while the establishment of distancing protocols is done.

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  • Re: Hermit Folkies In CHINA

    Can't wait to see the response, hahahahahaha

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  • Let’s Play and Have Fun xD

    :] Hello, my dear folkies from all the world, I'm Irwin, if you are based in Shenzhen or plan to visit Shenzhen, just let me know, I got to know some cosy venues which are nice and available to make sessions, I am an experienced musician which usually pl...

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  • Re: The Blythe Hill Tavern

    Kudos to one of the Blythe Hill session regulars (you know who you are!), who had a rather pithy letter published in today's (24th May 2020) Observer.

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