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  • The Pat Connolly Tavern

    The Friday Night Sessions at The Pat Connolly Tavern offer live traditional Irish music at a historic pub in arguably the "most Irish" neighborhood in all St. Louis. The session is open to all musicians who play in the Irish tradition and features some of...

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  • Re: Riley’s Bar And Grill

    To anyone who is looking for a place to play tunes, this session is still alive and well. We still start every Wednesday at 7pm and play until everyone leaves, which typically ends up being around 10:30pm. Cheers!

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  • Re: The Lion Hotel

    Caerhowell, where the pub is located, is a small hamlet and not marked on most road maps. The nearest town is Montgomery and the postcode is SY15 6HF. For the exact location, follow the weblink above^^.

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  • First Thursday Of The Month

    This session leans towards English traditional tunes and songs, but usually with some Irish, Welsh and other tunes in the mix - the balance varies according to who turns up and all players are welcome.

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  • Re: King William IV

    Update on the King Billy.

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