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  • Re: Tavern 101

    Hi, I’ll be coming to listen to your music again this winter. I hope to get good enough on my violin to join you someday. Practice, practice. Love it!

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  • Re: Babbity Bowster

    The Wednesday afternoon session is still going - Sept.2023. I was told it started at 2.00 pm but when I got there at around 1.30 there were already about 10 musicians playing. That number doubled by about 2.30pm.

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  • Re: Ben Nevis

    This session is still going on a Wednesday as of Sept. 2023. 8 players already playing when I got there, not much space available for anyone else. It’s a smaller bar than I expected, obviously popular and busy, but noisy with it.

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  • Re: Blue Lamp

    After “hosting” this session for maybe more than 10 years - it was very handy following on from the “SC&T” Monday flute class - I hadn’t been in since just before Covid hit, so maybe 3 1/2 years ago. The session is definitely still going, as of Sept.

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  • Re: United Reformed Church

    Forthcoming dates: 23rd September, 7th and 21st October

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