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  1. Big Lick Brewing Company, Roanoke, Virginia, USA
    Added by pyper .
  2. Old Poway Park Gazebo, Poway, California, USA
    Added by Michael Eskin .
  3. Brazen Head, Omaha, Nebraska, USA
    Added by Terry Geiger .
  4. Blarney Stone Pub, Onancock, Virginia, USA
    Added by Steve Elliott .
  5. Frenchy’s Field Park, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
    Added by Jackie Shane .
  6. University Of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
    Added by Sara Eberlin .
  7. McArthur’s Irish Pub, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
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  8. Our Lady Of The Atonement, San Antonio, Texas, USA
    Added by John Weems .
  9. Basil Marella Park, Rochester, New York, USA
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  10. Sweet Music, Granby, Massachusetts, USA
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