Tracie’s trip to Pittsburgh PA USA

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  • ben martin

    Pittsburgh, PA

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  • Paully Jay

    I'm from New York originally but I've lived so many places I'm actually kind of "countrified" a bit. I putz with guitar and I landed at The Session while looking up tunings inspired by listening to an obscure band/track, Brethren of The Free Spirit/The Li...

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  • Michael Clancy

    I am from Pittsburgh, PA. and I am music teacher as well as a professional musician. My main instruments are saxophone and flute and mostly play jazz gigs around town. I have an irish duo called Abotts Cross where I play irish flute, whistles, and bodhr...

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  • Eric Swaney

    Fellow from County Armstrong (near County Pittsburgh) Banjo, Mandolin, accordian, Guitar, Piano. Novice at most, Really looking forward to learning more Folk / Irish music.

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  • Peter Gilmore

    I play the mandolin, mainly; Scottish and Irish dance tunes, mainly.

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Pittsburgh PA USA

Actually I’ll be at Cooper’s Lake Campground, about an hour north of Pittsburgh, for the Pennsic War, a medieval and Renaissance themed event sponsored by the Society for Creative Anachronism. Not a festival, fair, or reenactment, more like an international convention of enthusiasts. There’s no audience; everyone is a participant. 12,000 of my closest friends, over 2000 classes and workshops, battles (it’s a war, after all), parties, shopping, dancing, and music. Medieval and Renaissance music, but traditional is welcome. Sessions (early music and traditional) will break out. Come to the Knowne World Harp Celebration, Tuesday, August 7, 2-4 pm at the performing arts tent. Look for announcements of sessions, or just stumble upon one during Moonlight Madness.

I don’t always go to another country for a vacation; sometimes I go to another century.