Philip W’s trip to Stromness, Orkney

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  • Glen McLellan

    I play a bit of Guitar and try to help my daughter with learning fiddle by playing along with the mandolin. I absolutely love accompanying my super talented family at family gatherings and New Year.

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  • Carol Lindsay

    I live in the mountains of central PA in the US. I have been a percussionist since 1968 and played bodhran, bones and spoons in a Celtic band called Callanish for 12 years.

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  • Graham Garson

    A fiddle player and sometime piano accompanist, I’ve been involved with folk music for 30-odd years. Always love a session!

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  • Gill Tennant

    I have been a cellist for 70 years, since I was five, and taught cello first in London while still at school, and then for the 40 years I spent in Ceredigion, Wales from the age of 30 to 70.

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  • magnus.bichan

    From orkney, Scotland, Playing Fiddle, Borders, GHB and Whistles.

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Flying stop at Stromness, Orkney

A group of German visitors are coming to Orkney for a too short visit. They are real Scottophiles, a couple of them perform a mixture of German songs and Scots ballads. Sadly the Orkney Folk Festival will be over. Might there be anything on for folk staying on till the Tuesday, 30th May? A singaround or a music session, pehaps. Could you let me know.