eastfield2’s trip to Albuquerque USA

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  • Hneville

    Irish fiddle and mandolin player in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

    joined 2 years ago
  • Sean Weaver

    I'm from New Mexico and play the octave mandolin, mandolin, and guitar.

    joined 8 years ago
  • Catherine Dog Ear
  • Rachael Penn

    New Mexico, fiddle, vocals. Just starting to learn Irish and Bluegrass styles. Singer/songwriter, love jamming and improvising with all kinds of folks!

    joined 8 years ago
  • Dr Roger Ffolkes

    The bit about Conán McDonnell's "Scot's Whisky made from finest Scottish Grapes" is factual. I don't recall the name of the stuff, but a British Consul General told my group about it, as he'd been given a bottle upon reassignment back in the 1960's.

    joined 6 years ago

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Albuquerque USA

Looking forward to seeing the folks at the local.