robbox’s trip to Franklin, TN - Quinn’s Session

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  • Éilís Crean

    The Lonesome Fiddler album (released in 2014) features the music of Eddie Kelly and his unique versions of old and familiar tunes. Eddie played the East Galway style and for many years he taught me this music tradition adding his rare touch to jigs, reels...

  • Karen Puterbaugh

    I play mostly piano and violin, with some guitar, whistle, flute, and mandolin also.

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  • Celeste559

    Plectrum 19 fret Tenor banjo from my Grandpa. I'm learning notes and chords tuned as CDGA and love it! I like all vintage and country styles...I need to do a lot of work on strumming/or picking. I've never played strings.

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  • Mary Burger

    Nashville, Tennessee

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  • Christian Sedelmyer

    Hi, my name is Christian Sedelmyer. I live in Nashville, and typically play a 5 string violin made by Barry Dudley. I co-founded a two 5 string violin and two voice band called 10 String Symphony in 2012 along with Rachel Baiman. I also play violin in the...

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Franklin, TN - Quinn’s Session

I’m aiming for my first QUINN’S session this Thursday (3/21), will someone be there?