Tinapillisoittaja’s trip to Kangasala, Finland

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  • FinnCelt

    A Finnish music student with a love for all things Irish/Celtic.

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  • Laura Valtonen

    Finnish maths student learning to play the fiddle.

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  • sami.rantasalo
  • Katja Tuomenvirta

    I'm a Finnish student who plays the recorder for fun, and now I have started to try my hand at playing the tin whistle.

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  • Marc de Tugny

    Hi, my name is Marc. I live in Tampere, Finland and play the 5-string banjo three finger style which is more common in the American folk and bluegrass music. I went into Irish music 10 years ago and love to play it with my instrument, and I will love to l...

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Kangasala, Finland

Looking forward to the spring gathering, great programme and of course sit down sessions 🙂