denise jenkins’s trip to Scotland

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  • AndrewJPritchard

    Live in Dalgety Bay and play the whistles. Would welcome a jam session.

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  • Ian Elder

    Am fae Fife. I play the accordion, concertina, moothie and tin whistle.

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  • Grantyy

    Hi, am Sean and live in South Queensferry Scotland

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  • Mike Breewood

    Born in Fife, Scotland, moved to Kerry, Ireland at age 11, spent years listening to Horslips, Planxty, Chieftains, The Dubliners etc and, now retired, just starting on learning to play the concertina as my first instrument!

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Off to Scotland in about 5 days. So very very excited! Bringing the fiddle and 5 other instrument packing buddies. We will start in Edinburgh and visit the Black Cat session on the 2nd, on the 5th we will visit the Settle Inn Session in Sterling, on the 6th visit the Suie Session in Kincraig, and on the 9th visit the Edinbane Inn Session on Skye. Lots of site seeing inbetween. We have rented a van to tote us, our stuff, and the fiddles🙂) cannot wait!!!