Jeremy’s trip to Boston

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I’ll have my mandolin with me. Who wants to meet up for some tunes?

Re: Boston

Hello Jeremy. Maybe you can make it down to Newport, RI (70 miles south of Boston - it’s a beautiful town!) where we have a fun session on Sunday nights at the Fastnet Pub. You can find it here in the sessions section. I’ve used this website for over 10 years now, and I’d like to thank you in person for creating and sharing this resource. You won’t pay for a single drink!! We love the mandolin at our session! We hope to see you on Sunday 9/1/2019 between 6 and 9 PM!! Sincerely yours, Timmy May (halfwaythere) one of the 3 hosts of the Fastnet Sunday session….

Re: Boston

Alas, I’m flying out on Sunday evening so I won’t be able to make that session, I’m afraid. But thank you very much for the kind invitation.

Re: Boston

Well, at least now you know how much I appreciate what you have done for Irish Traditional music!! Too bad you can’t make it. Safe travels!!