gbyrne’s trip to Lorient (Ploemeur) - Amzer Nevez (and RENNES)

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  • Laudrin

    I am from Brittany. I play uilleann pipe

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  • Bruno

    De Lorient en Bretagne, je joue un peu de banjo et j'essaie de chanter quelques unes des chansons irlandaises que je rencontre avec des amis musiciens.

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    i play irish music with 5 strings banjo in france( britany)

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Lorient (Ploemeur) - Amzer Nevez (and RENNES)

I’m heading to Brittany for week of flute classes in the week preceeding the Lorient Celtic Festival.

Going to be in Rennes on Saturday 27th if anybody fancies playing a few tunes or can suggest a venue!

And in the Lorient / Ploemeur area for the following week (and keen for sessions). Have whistles and flute, will travel!