Alexander Gurgan’s trip to Lewes, South Of England

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Lewes, South Of England

Visiting my bro in law in Rottingdean (annual event!) and looking to take in a bit of music while we’re there. We’ll be visiting National Trust properties and watching seagulls steal peoples food in Eastbourne and Hastings. Would love to see some Morris Dancing (any flavour) but haven’t been able to find any events close at hand.
I’ve found the Lewes folk website so I’ll be able to check that out, but as always, local up to date info is best.
I’ll have with me guitar, fiddle, wife (well she always says she’s second fiddle) banjos (4 & 5 string) and harmonicas.

Re: Lewes, South Of England

If you’ve got time on the evening you show up (Wednesday, August 7th), pop on over to Brighton for the session in the Jolly Brewer. It starts at 8:30pm: