edyother’s trip to Derby, Connecticut, Usa

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  • Chops

    Relatively new to it all. I play tenor banjo, mandolin, octave mandolin, and Irish bouzouki. My regular group is The Alehounds. The new project is called Maistín.

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  • Will Wilkin

    Picked up the violin in May 2015, had 3 lessons since but play most days. Its still not music but I know how far I've come and expect someday it will be real music. Being self-taught always alone, I would love to find some other adult learners to jam wi...

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  • Rickgard

    life long musician, mostly singing and keyboards. mix of British, Irish, and Scottish ancestry. now living in Connecticut

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Derby, Connecticut, Usa

Coming back to spend the week for Thanksgiving. Flute and banjo are in tow.