Jeremy’s trip to San Francisco

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  • octaviac

    Hi! I'm Octavia. I'm from Sebastopol, CA, and live in Berkeley. I play fiddle and piano accordion.

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  • dextercrow

    play fiddle, am 70, am female, what else?

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  • Marko Edwards

    I'm a 3rd gen San Franciscan tipping the bodhran. Going to Ireland for my second visit this Summer.

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  • S. Cronin

    I live in San Francisco, CA. Long-time banjo player, now working on the b/c box too. Mostly play at the Plough and Stars.

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San Francisco

I’ll bring my mandolin with me—it would be lovely to meet up for some tunes!

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Re: San Francisco

You’ll be there for the Sunday session at the Plough and the Stars on Clement Street on December 8th - mandolin player Marla Fibish is hosting it along with fiddler Erin Shrader and guitarist Richard Mandel.

Re: San Francisco

Oh, I’ll definitely head along to that—sounds great!

San Francisco trip report

Well, this trip turned out great—I was at sessions three nights in a row!

The sessions in the Plough And The Stars were really, really good. It was a real pleasure to play with some outstanding players: Marla Fibish, Tim Hill, Vinnie Cronin, and many more.

Special thanks to Jack Giler (Phantom Button here on The Session) for making me very welcome …and for giving me a lift back to my hotel after the session.

I don’t know when I’ll next be in San Francisco, but I look forward to returning to the Plough.