Colm Forkin’s trip to Zurich, Switzerland

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    I come from Pittsburgh, play a 5-string banjo to the tunes Pete Seeger and friends sang, now, considerably older, I'm in Zürich and almost always happy to play along with others - if I can find them.

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    Vionlinist, violist, fiddler on the side.

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Zurich, Switzerland

Hello ,

Does anyone know where I can find a Trad Session on thursday 23rd January in Zurich?
I will be visiting that week. I heard they alternate between McGees and The Shamrock. If anyone knows which pub its on that week I would really appreciate it.
I play acoustic bass, guitar and sing a bit.
(Barcelona resident)

Re: Zurich, Switzerland

It will be at Shamrock Zürich Wollishofen. This is at the final stop of the tramway - have fun!