Cailen’s trip to San Francisco

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  • William Bednar-Carter

    Grew up in northern Michigan playing classical bass and guitar. Picked up mandolin in North Carolina during college. Moved to New York and played as a solo act, The Balladeer, and in a duo, The Messy Beds, as well as numerous stunts and gigs with other ac...

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  • SeanMaguire

    San Francisco.

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  • Timothy Henrich

    I am an infectious disease physician/scientist and viral immunologist in San Francisco, CA. I have played the trumpet for nearly 35 years but recently started playing the feadóg a few years ago and am now thoroughly hooked. I enjoy playing the high D a...

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  • David O'Keeffe

    I'm originally from Cork, Ireland. Grew up in a small town called Togher, which is south of the city. I've messed around with the whistle since I was 16 (34yrs old now) but nothing fancy until about 3yrs ago. I'm working on perfecting this instrument and ...

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