BarryT’s trip to Andalucia, Spain

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    I now live in Spain but lived on the Isle of Mull Scotland for 25 years where I went to neighbours ceilidhs and my life of music began. I had a tin whistle thrust in my hand and began! I now play wind instruments - whistle, harmonica, pan pipes and flute...

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Andalucia, Spain

Can anyone recommend a good location or two for some genuine flamenco, not a tourist show! I’ll be in Malaga, Granada, Cordoba, Sevilla and Cadiz - at least!
Any Irish music would be interesting but it’s not the purpose of the visit.

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Re: Andalucia, Spain

Heh Barry - There are regular sessions at La Taberna del Dragón Verde in Sevilla on a Thursday night. You can message their FB page to find out whether its on before you travel. There are less regular sessions in Cordoba, normally organised by Angel Rodriguez (he’s on FB) and others around the Cadiz area although even more irregular organised by Guillermo Del Val Rodríguez and Koke Folgueira. Cheers,
Pat Mahon