Eamon Chute’s trip to Asheville, NC

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  • flootsie

    Alan & Milissa Dewey, http://www.CHESSSPY.com

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  • brotherhug

    I am a flute and whistle player in Asheville, NC. For the past 8 years, I have played flute and whistle every Sunday afternoon at the Jack of the Wood where I now lead the session. Our session is a hybrid performance/session in that we are on the stage p...

  • Melody Cooper

    I moved to Swannanoa North Carolina in 2017 after many years living in Key West, Florida.. I play harp, piano and sing. I'm hoping to expand my Celtic repertoire. Last year I attended the Swannanoa Gathering Celtic week for the first time, mind blown! ...

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  • Kathy wallace

    I play Celtic harp, piano, guitar in Asheville NC. I have piano performance degree but play mostly harp now. I’m a church musician where I play piano, organ and harp. I play for weddings etc. I’m retired from a long term care facility where I played t...

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Asheville, NC

Doing some scouting for retirement next year (2021). Planning on attending session, but will not have my box with me.