angharad_cooper’s trip to Paris, France

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  • Anne-So

    I live in Paris, I play the tin whistle and I'm in the process of taming a flute.

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    whistler from france

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  • Daphné Chaigne

    I'm French and a classical flute player. I love traditional Irish music but never had the chance to learn to play it. Now things must change and I desperately want to be a good traditional Irish music player. So I come here to learn tunes.

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Paris, France

Hi all,
I’m heading over to Paris for a couple of months - I am a fiddle player playing mostly Irish and English. I don’t know many people at all in Paris and would love to meet some people to play music with. I’m aware of a Monday session at the Green Linnet which I intend to check out - any and all tips would be much appreciated! Will be living in the 11th and will have a lot of spare time on my hands for tunes!
Best wishes