Jelena’s trip to Limerick, Ireland

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  • Denis McAuliffe

    Hi, I play mandolin, banjo and fiddle these days, usually in the Clare/Limerick region.

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  • Michael Dineen

    I'm from County Kerry, in the southern regions of Ireland. I can play quite a few instruments, such as the piano, the tin whistle, the mouth organ, the double row accordion' the electric organ' and the single row melodeon' and I also do some singing. ...

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  • Nuala Ni Churraoin

    concertina beginner, from Loughrea, Co Galway

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Limerick, Ireland, long-term stay, looking for roommates/musicians

Hi, everyone! I’m aware this post may be atypical (feel free to remove it if it’s not according to the rules), but I feel this may be the best place to ask about this.
I’ll be in Limerick from January to (probably) December 2021, to pursue MA Composition and Creative Music Practice at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance. I’m currently looking for accommodation. As I’m a musician/singer, visual artist and translator (from Serbia) who’s learning Irish, singing traditional Irish music, planning to delve into it all much more once I’m in Ireland, I was wondering whether there are some musicians/artists/etc. among you who might be looking for someone with similar interests/activities to share a place with?
My main wishes include singing trad music live and finding other musicians to form a band (or two :D) with. I’m also making my own (hmm, experimental) music influenced by Irish traditional songs/Irish poetry/etc, and I’d love to find people in Limerick (or elsewhere) who’d be willing to look for different approaches to Irish trad, and/or for integrating it in their own music/creative practice in an interesting way.
This is my FB page:
And my EP (still in the making):

If you want to know something more, just ask. Huge thanks to whoever takes the time to read all this! :D