Michael Carrico’s trip to Sunrise Carriage Trail, West Virginia

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  • dancarney84

    I played guitar/vocals in a local Punk band in my teens and early twenties. Still love all that music. Was exposed to trad when I was a kid through festivals and family records of Boys of the Lough, Chieftains, Bothy Band, Altan, etc. and it was always in...

  • Dan Hunter

    I’m from Alexandria, Virginia in the U.S. At the age of 71, I’m relearning the tin whistle, and, in particular, trying to avoid resorting to sheet music.

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  • Michael Carrico

    Learning proper notation, with Irish Reels and Jigs. Tunes that found different enough to never give up wanting play as well as the pros. Have made sixfiddles and lost them along the way to where I am today. With a broken pawn shop fiddle fixed to play ...

    joined 2 weeks ago