David Leventhal’s trip to Baltimore, MD

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  • Patrick O'Neall

    I play mandolin and a little guitar. My musical interests are Irish, folk, blues and old timey. I also sing covers with mandolin accompaniment and some guitar. I enjoy playing with other people but not in large groups (jams). Looking for smaller sessio...

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  • conrad bladey


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  • Katherine Peach

    Howdy! Here in Baltimore, MD. I play the hammered dulcimer, Irish whistle, soprano and alto recorder, clawhammer banjo, and piano. Oh, and I own the Hare's Breath Records shop in Catonsville.

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  • Jim Tisdall

    Hi all. I've been playing professionally for over 50 years on mostly guitar

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  • Kai Segelkin

    I'm living in Baltimore, Maryland now (a great town for folk music). I'm originally from Asheville, NC. I play fiddle and guitar (Irish & Old Time). Aside from music my main interest is ecology and a favorite activity is hiking. There's nothing like g...

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Baltimore, MD

Looking for any and all Irish cultural centers, museums, historical societies, and of course, pubs to visit on our road trip up the eastern seaboard. Any suggestions are welcome! And yes, I know how to search for a trad sesh on this site… this is more of a search for historic sites and perhaps the locations of Irish tenement housing from the 1860s to the 1930s.

Thank ye kindly!