Sean M. M. McCarthy’s trip to Denver Colorado

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  • Rodger Hara

    I'm from Denver, Colorado USA. I sing in a trad band, write for the Celtic Connection magazine in Denver and have a Celtic Music radio program on KGNU Boulder Community Radio, 88.5 FM.

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  • Feral Bourgeois

    I'm an old man and in my time I've become a poor piano, guitar, harmonica, mandolin, and fiddle player, but in my retirement I'm only working on fiddling.

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  • Geoffrey Nicosia

    I'm currently based out of colorado, I am an instructor of Bagpipes, penny whistle and bodhran. I also play cello, cahone and Uilleann pipes

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  • Ken McIntosh

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Denver Colorado

Hi All!
I will be in the Denver Metro area and am hoping to find a session or two that I can sit in with. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!
Sean M.

Re: Denver Colorado

Colorado Springs also has a Session that is worth a visit, about an hour south of Denver

See the listing