Phil’s trip to Brunswick, Me

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  • Suzanne Sherman

    I am from Brunswick Maine. I am learning to play the fiddle. I am not very good at it but i have too much time invested in it to quit. I absolutely love the instrument, it is the most beautiful sound. I sure wish i could get better so i could make the tun...

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  • boxplayer

    I play the one-row melodeon and the D/G box, which is really the tuning for English trad music, but I have managed to play trad Irish on it for about 35 years now. I lived for 15 years in Germany and played in various groups of expat Irish musicians ther...

  • Heather MacLeod

    I live in Topsham, Maine. I'm a retired music teacher who plays penny whistle and sings.

    joined 5 years ago
  • Stewart Andrews joined 7 years ago
  • Kat Logan

    I'm from Maine and I'm a vocalist and play piano, accordion and guitar.

    joined 2 years ago

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Brunswick, Me

Hoping I can join the session at Byrne’s Irish Pub in Brunswick, ME this Saturday, 3-5 pm.

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Re: Brunswick, Me

Thanks for joining us Phil. It’s always fun to welcome visitors, particularly those that sing!

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