Michael Eskin’s trip to The Woodlands (near Houston), TX, USA

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  • Marie Bulfinch

    I play the fiddle. I live in Conroe, Texas and love the dancy style of Irish music.

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  • Paige Drake

    I live in north Houston, TX and have played violin for 20 years, mandolin for a couple.

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  • Brenna Groenemann

    Hey I’m from Texas, US and I play the Viola.

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  • Andre Houser joined 5 years ago
  • Shulamith

    I am from The Netherlands. Moved to Texas in 2003 and am still here. Went to an Irish Music Festival in 2009 for the first time, loved it and am attending annually. Had to learn to play by ear from that moment. That was new. I am classically trained, and ...

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The Woodlands (near Houston), TX, USA

I have one full free day on Saturday, November 6th after a company event the previous week.

Hoping to find some tunes and meetup with Houston players.

I can Uber to Houston if necessary.