Jeremy’s trip to Sierra Vista, Arizona

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  • Sahge Acuna

    I currently live in the United States and have a passion in instrumentation. I spend most of my time at school and spend free time arranging music. I play the saxophone, piano, viola, clarinet, guitar and the bagpipes. I hope to one day try other pipes in...

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    Classical/Folk Guitarist from Southern Arizona studying in Salt Lake City

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  • Kate Maxwell

    I'm from Bisbee, Arizona. I play piano with the Celtic Steampunk band Mules Verne. I also play bodhran, djembe and am learning ukulele.

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Sierra Vista, Arizona

Off to spend Christmas with the in-laws. I plan to have my mandolin with me if there’s any music happening nearby.

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Re: Sierra Vista, Arizona

John Beland (fiddle) is in Hereford, AZ. Michael McKernan (fiddle) is in Benson, AZ. Sharon Goldwasser (fiddle) lead the Celtic Session in Tucson for many years. And Carina Ravely (fiddle) is a major ringleader in Tucson, too. They’re all on Facebook. Have a great holiday!

Re: Sierra Vista, Arizona

Thanks for the info—much appreciated!

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