Snowflake’s trip to Los Angeles

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  • John_C

    Composer, from Los Angeles.

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  • Christy O'Shaughnessy

    Amateur tin whistle player from Los Angeles, California.

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  • DeniseJ

    Residing in Santa Monica CA, originally from Washington state. Started playing the violin in 5th grade - 12th. Many years later I am interested in Folk music and being able to play well.

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  • Aaron

    Started listening to Irish music 9 months ago - primarily harp performances. Since then, I've started working on coming up with relatively simple guitar versions of my favorite tunes.

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    An intermediate aspiring fiddler! I play for fun!

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Los Angeles

First time trip user!
So Los Angeles mainly, to San diego for a day.
Tenor banjo, I know a bunch of common tunes and not so common ones. I’m hoping to find in person sessions anywhere nearby.
Or just some folks to play with!
Intermediate to advanced.
Also any info on best pubs and things I should and shouldn’t miss!

Re: Los Angeles

Welcome soon! There are a lot of fantastic musicians out here so I’m sure you’ll get properly linked up! Let us know what your itinerary will be and I’ll try to see ya.

Re: Los Angeles

Hi! Michael Eskin hosts a session at The Ould Sod in Normal Heights, San Diego every Tuesday night. Perhaps it fits your schedule 🙂

Re: Los Angeles

Well hi there!

Thank you! Melissa I tried to send you a private email however I don’t think it worked. I have switched the trip around a little bit and decided not to stay in Los Angeles but to stay in Santa Monica and visit Los Angeles for a day. While I’m seeing that San Diego is about 2 hours away if I decide to rent a a car which I have been advised not to, LOL,
I will try to make it to ould sod Thank you for all the info.
If there is anything or any Pub that I shouldn’t miss on my trip please let me know!

Keep the suggestion coming!



Re: Los Angeles

The Auld Dubliner in Long Beach is an excellent session every Sunday evening, and it’s fairly close to Santa Monica. I host a session at Griffins of Kinsale in South Pasadena every Wednesday 8-11pm, but it’s a bit further than Long Beach on the other side of LA. There used to be a session right in Santa Monica at O’Brien’s, but I don’t know if has picked back up since COVID. Check out Facebook groups “The Auld Dubliner Session”, “O’Brien’s Irish Music Session”, and “Celtic Music Session - Los Angeles Area” for more up-to-date information. There’s also a Facebook group called “San Diego Traditional Irish Session Players” for the San Diego area. Hope to meet up with you while you’re here!