1974Fiddler’s trip to Naples, Florida

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  • Daniel Jenkins

    I live in Naples, FL USA. I have been playing, learning to play I should say, the fiddle since July of 2020. Oh, I had some lessons and familiarization before that but no serious attempt. I’m now working with an up-and-coming Bluegrass fiddler and am en…

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  • Jimmy McEvoy

    Native of Boston, transplanted to Naples Florida 35 years ago. Play the guitar, bouzouki, a little bit of whistle, and I sing.

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  • Denvaughan

    I’ve been performing in Irish pubs in the Washington DC area, part time, since 1989. Still play about 12 gigs per year in that area now. Singer, guitarist, and recent mandolin, tenor banjo, and octave mando student. Permanent resident of SW FL since …

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Naples, Florida

Looking for a session with my fiddle and whistles.