Fermate’s trip to Bantry, Ireland

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  • robinlew

    Based in west cork, near skibb, play fiddle, sing, always up for a session or a tune. and a beer or two.

  • Fran Kelly

    I'm from Crosshaven, Co. Cork but I spend a lot of my time in Bantry, West Cork. I play guitar but I'm determined to learn to play traditional accompaniment. I play a little bit of mandolin and ukulele too.

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  • Tash Ó Treasaigh

    From: Dublin

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On the way to Bantry, Ireland

Before we go for a one week hike on Sheep’s Head Way in August, we plan to spend a weekend any where between Dublin and Bantry. I bring my whistle and hope to find a trad session to listen and maybe join for some tunes.

My first idea was to spend the weekend in Cork - but it’s hard to get any accomodation on the weekend of August 13th. So maybe Kinsale? Any suggestions for places and/or pubs welcome!

Best regards

Daniela (from Bamberg, Germany)