José F. Sánchez’s trip to Bastia Umbra, Italy

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Bastia Umbra, Italy

Ciao to all you Sessionistros in Italy! I’m going down to Bastia Umbra with an entourage from Höchberg, Germany for a cultural exchange visit. I’ve been making artwork for the last 5 years with young autistic adults and we’ll be having an art exhibit at the City Hall on Sunday the 18th at 10:30 am. I’ll be bringing my fiddle and concertina along with me and hope to meet some local players for an impromptu session. They’ve got quite an itinerary planned for us, but I’m sure we can find time to get together. I know there’s lots of great musicians down in Italy and hope we can find some time for a Tune Exchange! Just give me a call or leave a message and I’ll get in contact with you. My mobile phone number is +49 175 52 48 594 .