ceoltas’s trip to The Cup Of Tae Festival, Ardara, Co.Donegal.

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  • ben marshall

    Hi i am a musician of many years but not in the irish style. I came to live in Ireland 9 years ago and love to sit in the sessions but i don`t think i fit in all that well and would like to get better

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  • Kathleen Ward

    woops…I don’t [lay an instrument!

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  • Liaimín joined 7 years ago
  • Paddy gillispie joined 2 years ago
  • mary o donnell

    i am from donegal, ireland. i play the piano accordian.

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The Cup Of Tae Festival, Ardara, Co.Donegal.

a great wee festival that we’re looking forward to for great Donegal tunes with pipes and fiddle. Going home.