denise jenkins’s trip to Boise, Idaho

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    Greetings. I am a 68 year old woman from Boise, Idaho, recently retired. I love all music genres (Celtic, jazz, blues, old mountain music, classical, pop...not so much country western. I once loved to sing and miss it terribly since my voice has taken...

  • rainog

    My name is George Raino. I live in Boise Idaho. I play the bouzouki and octave mandolin.

  • Jennifer Anne Smith

    I live in Boise, Idaho and often attend Sunday night sessions at the Ha'Penny Bridge Pub in Boise. I play metal concert flute. I recently started playing wooden cross-blown simple-system keyless D flute and D whistle. I spent 6 weeks in summer 2014 studyi...

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Boise, Idaho

I am attending a classic british car show with my husband in Idaho. I wanted to grab a session in Boise if I can, and I will be bringing the fiddle and tunes🙂