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  • Re: Perth, Scotland

    Rather tiring trip to Perth - a good town, and nice (though chilly) weather. Cldn't stay night as B & Bs all closed and hotel (cheap) open only for essential workers! Still, I busked with my fiddle - one lad gave me £10 at the railway station when I...

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  • Perth

    Will take my fiddle to Perth and busk a bit (I've spent too much lately). Perth isn't a city I know but would like to visit for a day. If I have the guts, I could SING as well, that's prob. what I'm best at!

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  • Re: Donegal

    Best of luck, Katyme

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    Visit went OK. Made about £11 busking, beautiful weather. Also spent time crossing the river Tyne and looking down at the waters. Failed to find p/cs to send to family cos of Covid restrictions.

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  • Newcastle

    Going to Newcastle with my fiddle and maybe harmonica, just on a day-trip. I hope Newcastle will be a bit warmer than Glasgow, and it won't rain as U can't play a fiddle if the bow slithers around on wet strings......

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