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  • Richard Brennan’s, X:7

    This is the way we play it at our sessions and also same as in Nigel Gatherers collection

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  • Re: The High Road To Linton

    Mmm. Hanneke’s playing a “low” G sharp there; slow it down to half speed and compare her G sharps to her C sharps. When she demonstrates the A major scale at the beginning of the tune she plays a completely different note. I’d characterise Alas…

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  • The Jolly Tinker, X:4

    Here’s a version with chords

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  • The Tolka, X:18

    We play this tune a lot at our local session and some people have asked me to separate this second section out of the main tune. we tend to play version 9 through a few times then play this version a couple more, basically as is done on the live recording…

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  • The Black Rogue, X:14

    Setting for pipes by Tim Britton

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