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  • Elevated, X:2

    This Is a setting Jeff Lindquist also made to make it easier to play on a D whistle.

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  • Elevated

    I Heard it on Caitlin Nic Gabhanns album "Caitlin" Once I heard this tune I knew I had to find a transcription of it (thanks to Jeff Lindquist)

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  • Re: Luke Skywalker Walks On Sunshine

    The B part reminds me of "The Trip to Dingle", only in 7/8.

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  • Re: Mairi’s Wedding

    John T was asking about The Orwell String Band. I formed the band with John Chandler, Pete Croft and Sean Halpenny and gave the band its name. Tom Montgomery joined later - he taught me to play the fiddle. The follow on tune that John mentions may have be...

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  • Gigue Du Plateau

    This tune is in F# Phrygian. For those not fully familiar with the Major Modes, D Major is a relative key.

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