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  • Re: Carnival March

    I have a 6 year old that wants to learn it.

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  • Muñeira De Batribán

    This Muñeira (jig) has been collected in the hamlet of Batribán (Vilanova d'Ozcos, Asturies). It was part of the repertoire of pipers in the area, such as "Alejandro das Nenas" or "Firme de Batribán". It was popularized in the rest of Asturias by Xuacu...

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  • The Weaving Lady

    Beautiful slow reel written and played by Alan Doherty and friends on a YouTube video It's played in A major on a Low F whistle but is easier transcribe down to G major. The piece is long because though it star...

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  • Re: The Flop-Eared Mule

    This tune is a shortened version of "Detroit Schottische" written and published in 1854 by Adam Couse. It was one of the most popular dance tunes in America at that time. From the Traditional Tune Archive here is the original score:

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  • Re: The Red Fox

    Thanks, Bogman. That's what happens when you transcribe stuff lying in bed in the early morning with a cup of tea!

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