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  • Re: Stan Chapman’s

    DonaldK, I agree the two tunes you placed here are indeed different, But check out cut 13 (Stan's Jig) from the Rounder CD 7015 from 1997, Fiddlers of Eastern Prince Edward Island, and note it is credited to Stan Chapman. It sounds exactly the same as th...

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  • Garryowen, X:4

    This is the tune for "From Garyone, my happy home" with the air credited as "Garyone" from Beethoven's arrangements of Irish folk songs, WoO 154. However, it is clearly the same jig usually called "Garryowen," and Garyone is a different transliteration of...

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  • Nóra Críona, X:8

    The air "Nora Criona" as credited to the song "Save Me From The Grave And Wise" in Beethoven's arrangement of Irish folk songs WoO 154, of tunes collected by George Thomson in the 1810s. The arrangement is in F major and includes a soprano-bass duet and t...

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  • The Jumping White Nut Eater, X:2

    Simplified the setting, G mix as requested, and replaced triplets with ornamented crotchets for ease of reading.

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  • Tony’s Orange Sherbets

    Couldn't believe this tune I've played for years wasn't on here! Composed by Marie Fielding, transcribed from her playing as I'd forgotten bits of the B part.

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