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    T: Varsovienne (Warsovie) C

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  • Re: MacLaine Of Loch Buie

    The second part sounds very similar to the second part of Colville's rant so you can play them in a nice set together. The set is played(In this order) The MacNeils of Ugadale ,MacLain of loch buie(as seen here),Colville's Rant and Finally Pibroch O'Donal...

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  • Re: Colville’s Rant

    A nice tune When played on the pipes with the second part played a lot faster than the first. It also sound nice on the fiddle when played evenly with grace notes

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  • Re: The Gatehouse Maid

    Also a great favourite if the Kilfenora band when played with the holy land and the rainy day

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  • Re: Toss The Feathers

    Does anyone know if the tune is public domain in any of its forms?

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