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  • Re: Tam The Gun

    Dedicated to the man who used to fire "the one o'clock gun" every day from Edinburgh Castle! Could take your knees from under you if you happened to be shopping on Princes St!

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  • Re: Maison De Glace

    Davis & Elkins College hosts the Augusta Heritage Festival, and has done for many years. In 1997 the Brunet Brothers were teaching there. There is a building called the Ice House where sessions and impromptu jams are held, and Rejean Brunet wrote the tu...

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  • Re: Dodge The Milkshake


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  • Re: Play That Lovely Tune

    Unpacked my copy of the Jewish Songbook the other day. It is indeed in reel name and when I've the courage I will post the far better setting made by Ruth Rubin's music editor. T i r e d - age is a burden. Must say, this tune shld be better known, i...

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  • Re: Finbarr Dwyer’s

    "Ediot's" version above, posted 3 years ago was said to be based on Conor Moriarty's version.

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