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  • Re: Ellenroad Mill

    Hello from over the hill (Halifax). After a lifetime of Irish tunes I am branching out during the lockdowns into other stuff, including English 3/2 tunes. Yours is a good one and I like the set you have put together in your video. Keep them coming!

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  • Re: Bobby Casey’s

    We play this like DFAB3 AB, giving it a syncopated feel in the first bar.

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  • Re: Neesons Bar

    That's a nice wee tune. Thanks folks 🙂

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  • Re: Jimmy Connor’s

    The references to Jimmy Connor(s) are, IMO, spurious and should refer to Timmy Connors or Timmy O'Connor box-player from Newmarket Co. Cork.

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  • Re: La Volta

    A strange but delightful tune.

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