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  • Re: Breton

    There. Is a swing to. It but it' in 3 so not horn pipe or waltzy , Breton tunes have often a mantra like quality , I play it as if you are walking with a slight rocking motion

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  • Re: Hob Nobs

    Goes well with The Cup of Tea. But you know that already!

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  • Re: Wat Ye Wha I Met The Streen

    Once (18th C) quite a common tune, found under different names. In Oswald's Caledonoan Pocket Companion (1747) it's called "Coming Thro the Broom My Jo" in A dorian, likewise Bremner 1757. A more recent setting can be found here as "Turn Under Lea" as pla...

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  • Hob Nobs

    The name of the tune is 'Hob Nobs' (named after the biscuit). Fionán and Cormac composed it. It is on Cormac's album Cormac de Barra Barcó.

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  • Frank Neylon’s, X:5

    While this setting bares a few differences, including a third part played in the B section, it seems nice enough to post. Neylon followed this with a single reel: ( ).

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