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  • Re: Leslie’s March

    It's in the 1840 Bunting book, tune 70. The tune is has minor differences, but is still clearly the same melody. He also uses a different title, Dirty James, which was his demure way of translating the Irish title of Seamus an Chaca, which is more lite...

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  • Along The Way

    As played by Seamus Egan on the album "When Juniper Sleeps" (1996).

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  • Murphy’s, X:3

    This is my transcription based on the 2011 recording by Angelina Carberry and Martin Quinn

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  • The Four Provinces Fling, X:5

    This is my transcription of "The First of May" from the 2011 recording by Anglina Carberry and Martin Quinn

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  • Upper Valley

    This waltz was composed by Pete Sutherland and appears in his tunebook, The Neighborhood Waltz.

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