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  • Re: A Puppet Waltz

    Note that the title is "A Puppet Waltz", not "A Puppet". The system doesn't seem to allow me call it that, or maybe I just don't know how.

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  • A Puppet Waltz

    A little thing I composed 24 years ago.

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  • Re: Mrs. Crotty’s Christening

    One thing I like about this tune, at least the version by the Chieftains, is that excluding that long 'd' at the start of the tune, the first two and a half measures are like the first two of "The Bucks of Oranmore" played a beat later. It can sound a lot...

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  • Re: The Foxhunter

    To me, this tune sounds better when you omit the first part the second time around; which I actually thought was the proper way to play it until I checked out various performances on youtube. The sheet music for the first two versions listed here indicat...

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  • Re: The Sailor’s Wife

    Starts about 25s in:

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