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  • Re: The Tartan Quilt

    Lovely tune from someone who seems to have been a lovely man.

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  • Ginantonic Mazurka

    As taught by Rachel Hair on Harfentreffen (thanks). Ginantonic (pronounce with a tat of french accent) was written by Gilno Carswell, a whistler player from Onchan on the Isle of Man. This tune (and others written by him) entered the general session reper...

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  • Trotting To Larne, X:2

    I first this tune played by The Great Santoro. He plays it on a D whistle. If D is good enough for Skelton and Santoro it's good enough for me. I transcribed it from John Skelton & Kieran O'Hare's "Double-Barreled." John Skelton also plays it on "A Few Tu...

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  • Re: Lough Gill

    Is this the same jig used in the movie soundtrack of "The Boys & Girl from County Clare" in a set before "Gillian's Apples"? I've got it notated slightly differently but think it's that same jig.

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  • Re: The Happy Couple

    Yep. It is. According to the album info on here, anyway.

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