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  • The Tarbolton, X:12

    It is my first transcription I ever did. A simple(without ornaments) flute version of the tune played in set of 3 reels by Matt Molloy with Donal Lunny in 1978 Ballisodare, County Sligo. More info in the video description, thanks to Douglas.

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  • Re: The Duharra

    Strange that no one has posted Paddy O'Briens original music score

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  • The Leitrim Fancy, X:5

    My version of the tune.

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  • The Crying Mother

    Composed by me a month ago. One of my favorites I could say. Maybe it sounds strange at the first time, but gets more lovely as you listen. I could do a simpler version, but as an example I'm still not sure about line 2 - bar 4 if "dAB BAB" is really a go...

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  • Cutting The Waves

    Trancscribed for me by Malcolm Reavell, from "Trian II". Composed by Liz Carroll. I think this is one of Liz's best tunes [ of many ]. Deserves to be better known and played more.

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