Four recordings of a tune named
With a tune named
Father Kelly’s

Cooley’s (reel) is also known as Cooleys, Joe Cooley, Joe Cooley’s, Joe Cooley’s Fancy, Joe Cooleys, Luttrell’s Pass, Put The Cake In The Dresser, Put The Cake On The Dresser, Ríl Na Tulaí, The Tulla.

Father Kelly’s (reel) is also known as Father Kelly No.1, Father Kelly’s No.1, Father Kelly’s No.2, Fr. Kelly’s, Fr.Kelly’s, The Rossmore Jetty.

Champions Twice by The Liverpool Ceili Band

  1. Cooley’s
  2. Father Kelly’s
  3. The Old Bush

In Session by Eoin O'Neill

  1. Within A Mile Of Dublin
  2. Cooley’s
  3. Fr. Kelly’s

Looking For A Rock by Juniper

  1. Father Kelly’s
  2. Cooley’s
  3. The Star Of Munster

Tampa Session Sets, Vol. 1 by Clan Tampa

  1. Father Kelly’s
  2. Cooley’s
  3. The Silver Spear
  4. The Ships Are Sailing